“Wearin’ of the Green” Magick









Top o’ the mornin’ to one and all~ 



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Magical Ireland – A gorgeous country filled with mystical castles, where the countryside’s graced with patchwork green rolling hills – scattered with frolicking, bleating sheep. And most importantly, an enchanting home blessed with heartwarming lovely people – just waiting and willing to make you feel right at home.  canstockphoto3352721

An old country well known for its wee people and fairies, you can find plenty of rainbows to follow in search of that treasured wee pot of gold!sheep in the glens



I promised to share a few photos the St. Patrick’s church I visited a few years ago – The door is always open to welcome visitors from far and near.100_0151


Legends tell the story of how St. Patrick was captured from his home in Great Britain, by Irish pirates and held hostage for 6 years to take care of animals.  He escaped and returned home to his family, but eventually returned to Ireland as a missionary, where he traveled through northern and western parts of Ireland, and used the 3 leaf shamrock – to teach people about the Holy Trinity.  To this day, the symbol of the shamrock is used to represent St. Patrick’s day.canstockphoto12846846


Of course I can’t very well leave without sharing at least one fairy, or maybe two . . . . .and make sure you drop by soon when I share the fairy legend about the lovely May flowers, the lily of the valley.   canstockphoto25535440canstockphoto34559768


Looking forward to seeing you soon!canstockphoto19508698


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