I’m thrilled and feel honored to share the news of my next official book signing scheduled  for

February 4th, 2017

at Turn the Page Bookstore, Boonsboro, Maryland

with Nora Roberts / JD Robb

Book Signing Event

Our next Book Signing will be Saturday, February 4th from 12pm – 2pm. EST
Featuring Nora Roberts / J. D. Robb plus Kristen Ashley, Lori Foster, Laura Griffin, Kristan Higgins and Local Authors: Patty Taylor and Suzi Weinert


Patty’s Highlander Magick Series!

Highlander Magick Series



“Sea Wolf Magick”

Sea Wolf Magick

Release date – June 29th, 2016


Check out my gorgeous new cover! 

When a seafaring Highlander Lycan rescues a cursed witch from the clutches of evil, a magical voyage fueled by fire and ice ignites more than just passion across the high seas.

Quinn McCord’s alpha wolf instincts compel him to search for others of his kind and offer safe haven on board his nautical home, The Sea Wolf.  His priorities are tested when sorcery lures him to a savage trap, and fate forces him to choose between his cravings for an irresistible witch, and his vast love of the sea.

Headstrong healer, Beth McMasters, uses her 21st century skills to help others, after returning to her rightful Scottish birthplace in 1797. While determined to remain single and restore her family’s good name, surges of unquenchable fiery passion and disturbing images cause grave doubts of her promise, and her future.  Rescued by the handsome Captain Quinn, who resembles the imaginary rugged Highlander sketched by her sister, Beth struggles with the cruel twist of fate when she learns her curse can destroy the only man she’s ever fallen in love with.

Will Quinn and Beth’s bond for each other be powerful enough to keep them together and find a cure for her curse before they run out of time, or will the truth of their legacy tear them apart? With the help of a miniature dragon, a crew of wolf shifters, trolls, and other mythical creatures, they journey across the Mystical Isle of Skye, to enchanting Iceland . . . for another adventure filled with magick and mayhem.


Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye

Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye

“Get ready for two magical adventures

Journey across the Mystical Isle of Skye,

to the Enchanting land of Fire and Ice. . . .”

Mortal Magick

 Book 1 – released June, 2015



When an immortal Highlander falls in love with a human witch, “Mortal Magick” soon casts a spell of its own.

 Doomed for eternity to wander nights as half man and half creature, rugged Highlander, Duncan McCord, discovers his curse is the least of his problems when he sets out for a cure and rescues the beauty determined to help tame his beast. When a reluctant witch, Keara, gets whisked back to 18th century mystical Isle of Skye to learn lessons in magic, she faces the true test of love when she meets the man beyond her wildest dreams burdened with dark secrets from his past.  Forced together to journey through an enchanted country filled with mythical creatures and magical lore, will they survive in a world where evil sorcery reigns, or will a shocking twist of fate tear them centuries apart?

Available at Amazon in ebook and print, and also available


Nora Robert’s “Turn the Page” Bookstore in Boonesboro, Maryland 

Mortal Magick at Amazon

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**Exciting News about a few others of my books in the works!**

I’m excited and pleased to announce that I’ve recently been offered a new contract for – Northern Lights, Spirit of the Wolf  – an Alaskan adventure – more details to follow soon!

 canstockphoto2546250 WolfIf you’d like to take a wee peek at an excerpt from this story, please check out my “wolf magick” page . . .



there’s a “wee bit” more!

I’m thrilled to announce that “Wee Darby” and a few new friends will be setting off for some adventures of their own

coming this fall!!!! 




Please check back for future updates . . .

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