Looking back over 2017


Looking back over this year, I have much to be thankful for!  My family, loving pets, dear friends, and celebrating 40 years of marriage! And I can’t forget, a dream of a lifetime come true . . .  a book signing with Nora Roberts at Turn the Page Bookstore, back in February!  I can’t thank everyone there enough for their help, and kindness they shared with me.







I feel fortunate to announce and celebrate the release of 2 of my new children books, in “Wee Darby and his Magical Friends”, written under my married name, Patty Koontz, as my whimsical characters travel through Scotland, Ireland and even the North Pole in time for the holidays! These books are geared towards children of “All Ages”   so make sure you stop by my other blog, and visit Wee Darby here: 

This year has also brought back fond memories of my beloved parents; my beautiful Irish Mum, and American Father, who met during WWII – fell in love, got married and raised a family of their own, here in the States.  I’m very proud of my Mum – she not only served in the British Army, but it takes courage to travel by yourself to a strange new land to start a new life.  I still have her citizenship papers . . .

Evelyn Vance Taylor


My parents photographed in Northern Ireland


As a child, I dreamed of fairies, dragons, castles and the wee people.

Patty wearing kilt

I inherited my love for fantasy and magic from my beloved Irish Mum. I cherished the many stories of her home and heritage in Northern Ireland. In later years I dreamt of winged horses gliding over towering fairy trees, and mystical Selkies and mermaids surrounded by playful dolphins and singing whales, leading to the sea . . . and I remind myself how fortunate I am to have been given a gift of imagination and have the opportunity to share with others . . .

I wanted to do this post, as a special “thank you”, to all my friends and everyone that has continued to support me during my writing journey.  I had a wee setback this year with my legs, and being able to get around, but with the help of my recent surgery and the skills of my doctor, and the blessing of the Good Lord, I look forward to a full recovery and to getting back on track in 2018.  There’s more stories in the works . . .

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a magical and joyous new year!!!!

Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye

***For a special “thank you”,   I’m giving away a free Kindle download of both my Highlander Magick series, “Mortal Magick” and “Sea Wolf Magick” to someone that leaves me a comment, (who would like an opportunity to read my stories”.     I’ll post the winner’s name on January 1st!


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