Magick of Waterfalls

Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye

Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye

Welcome to The “Magick of Waterfalls” New Post!

     I hope you enjoy the photos, and invite you to leave a comment to let Wee Darby and I know if we’re on the right track for future posts.

The Isle of Skye is not only home for the breathtaking fairy pools in Glenn Brittle, but is also enriched by the beautiful Cuillin mountains.  The legendary Fairy Flag, Dunvegan’s Cup and Sir Rory Mor’s Horn heirlooms can be found at the notorious Dunvegan Castle.

Perhaps ’tis the little folks mischief that summon my fascination to set a few of my stories nestled around the enchanting fairy pools, in the majestic Isle of Skye.  Where the wee fairies frolic and dance to the charming flute and violin music that wafts through the cascading water curtain falls. canstockphoto26342103 canstockphoto6361223

You know that “magical aura” sensation most people feel, from nature’s winter gift of those first flakes of snow at the beginning of the holiday season?  Well that’s exactly how I felt from the rushing sounds of flowing water, while strolling the winding  paths filled with bracken and woodland flowers  leading me to the waterfalls.


Doesn’t this lovely image on the left make you want to sit here with a picnic basket, and wait to see what magical beings appear in front of this scene?  Besides what you might expect to find at a magical waterfall – get ready to meet a miniature dragon named Kalista, an eccentric crew of wolf shape shifters, trolls, and more mythical characters in Sea Wolf Magick.


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Highlander Dragon Magick

Welcome and Happy New Year!

Carrickfergus Castle

Carrickfergus Castle

DRAGONS – As long as people enjoy (and believe) in folklore, the spirit of these mystical creatures will live on across the world!  Including the fierce Highlander Dragons which fearless knights sought after in the breathtaking countries of Ireland and Scotland.  (And remember . . . in the wonderful world of magick – dragons will always exist)

I’d like to take a moment to mention how thrilled and blessed I feel to have made so many new friends within the last year, while embarking on my “magical” writing journey!   “Wee Darby”  and I have “plenty of surprises” to share . . . .   So all right then . . . . .  please  feel free to grab a cup of tea, (or coffee, in my case), make yourself comfortable, and get ready to help us celebrate!  I hope you enjoy this first post of the new year, (and please note at the bottom of this post to  where to find the new,  “Mark you calendars events” list.Patty with Castle

I love dragons!  It must be my Irish and Scottish ancestry coming out in me  – To this day, I can still hear my beloved, Irish Mum, singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” before sharing a few tales of how fire breathing dragons soared over mystical forests and enchanting castles, come dusk.  In this photo I took in September, I can just imagine a proud contented dragon perched on top of this castle, overlooking the ocean centuries ago.  Can’t you 🙂

A magnificent carved dragon found in a forest, outside a castle, in Stirling Scotland

A magnificent carved dragon found in a forest, outside a castle, in Stirling Scotland

I was fortunate to run into a few of these magnificent creatures myself during my last 2 visits to my Mum’s breathtaking homeland – A smaller stone statue found outside Edinburgh, Scotland (which I would have loved to find one for myself to bring home in my suitcase) along with a beautiful crafted statue found in Northern Ireland.  Before we move on, Wee Darby found this gorgeous photographcanstockphoto5679663 Fairy with dragon and thought this would be a grand time to give everyone an idea of what to look forward to in Sea Wolf Magick –  Book 2 of my Highlander Magick Series . . . . ( so keep watching for the unveiling of my new cover)  Sea Wolf Magick is  currently scheduled for release , May, 25th, 2016.

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Anyone for fairies and a wee bit of “magick”

Sharing a few fairy facts – Be on the lookout for fairies if you run across a few of these plants ~ bluebells, lilac, foxglove, marigolds and primrose. While doing a wee bit of research while I was in Northern Ireland, I recently discovered that fairies love using ragwort stalks for flying.

[ File # csp15778330, License # 3114916 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / AtelierSommerland

[ File # csp6716396, License # 1390851 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / AtelierSommerland


[ File # csp6986721, License # 3114861 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / Ancello


Please join me for 2 week book tour

Mortal Magick Banner 540 x 200Please join me Monday, October 12th as I start my 2 week book tour through Bewitching Book Tours.

Here’s the schedule and links – hope to see you there!

October 12- 26
October 12 Spotlight
Zenny’s Awesome Book Reviews
October 12 Spotlight
Teatime and Books
October 13 Spotlight
A Bookaholic’s Fix: Feeding the Addiction
October 14 Interview
Deal Sharing Aunt

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Mark your Calendars

                                      FUTURE GUEST APPEARANCE DATES

canstockphoto22194038Autumn is not only my favorite time of year, but this year it’s especially exciting! Please join me as I continue to celebrate and promote my debut release, Mortal Magick, Book 1 of my new Highlander Magick Series!

Thursday, August 27th – Soul Mate Publishing

Tuesday, September 1stFIVE AUTHORS CELEBRATE party on Facebook – come join the fun!

Wednesday. September 9th – Please join me with Caroline Clemmons as I share a wee bit about fairies and magick.

October is already planning to be a busy month!  Please drop back soon and check the latest schedule.  I’ll be joining my friend, Beth Trissel at her lovely blog again, and sharing more pictures of my September trip to Northern Ireland. And don’t forget to carve a wee spot of time on Friday, October 30th for a very special Halloween-Samhain Eve Facebook event!  My author friends, Beth Trissel, Lane McFarland and Mairi Morris will be joining me for a fun filled evening filled with treats and surprises!



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Highlander Magick in the Isle of Skye post

canstockphoto25762708 Fairy Pools
I’d like to extend an invitation to all of you to stop by for a wee bit of Highlander
Magick today at Beth’s lovely blog.  I’m sharing photos of my beloved Irish Mum
and some lovely pictures of the Isle of Skye – along with some “fairy and brownie” “Facts”
you all might enjoy!   There’s even a few kilt photos 🙂 
Hope to see everyone there!   I’ve pasted the link below, so all you have to do is
“click” and be magically whisked away 🙂 

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Release day for Mortal Magick is finally here

Mortal Magick is finally here!  My dream has finally come true!  To celebrate, I’ve included Duncan’s introduction below.  Hope you enjoy!


Trotternish ∙ Isle of Skye, Scotland ∙ October 7, 1797

Duncan McCord wanted a woman. His entire body and soul hungered for a special lass’ touch. The one destined for his love, whom he would call kindred spirit. His stomach tightened, a pain ripping through him like the slice of a broadsword. This canna happen. Not now, not ever. Reality hastily slapped him back to his senses. He vowed never to be foolish enough to let himself fall into another vixen’s treacherous traps.

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Mortal Magick Cover


I am so excited and thrilled to share my brand new cover with everyone!!!!

A special thank you to my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing for giving me this gorgeous cover!!!


Magick of Ireland Blog was Success

“A very special thanks to my gracious host and friend, Beth Trissel, for having me appear on her lovely blog site this week! I’m pleased to share with everyone that it was definitely a “huge success“! Due to all of you stopping by to learn more about me, my family and my writing – and for leaving comments – I was delighted to see Beth’s message pop-up announcing, it was official – it broke the record of stats that day for her lovely blog!  I know in my heart my Mum must be smiling in heaven that day!  So another SPECIAL THANKS to Everyone!  And Thank all of you again, for sharing and helping to make my very 1st guest blog appearance and special event – a day to remember that I’ll treasure “always”!

As promised – here are some more photos of my trips to visit my Mum’s beautiful birthplace in County Down, Northern Ireland.  Please make sure you click on the wee “continue reading” button so you don’t miss any 🙂   and I have some more news to share at the end of the photos.  **I have soooo many lovely photos to share – it was hard to choose which ones to post today 🙂   I promise – I’ll be posting more soon!


The wonderful Scrabo Tower – and what a story behind this fabulous tower to share for another day!

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You’re Invited!

My favorite

Please join me this Thursday, February 26th, 2015 – My friend and talented author, Beth Trissel has invited me as her guest at her lovely blog site. This will be my first guest appearance so try to stop by for a wee bit and view photos of my trips to Northern Ireland and read about my family and my new release, Mortal Magick, coming out this June.   We look forward to seeing you there!   Click here to join us at Beth’s blog at One Writer’s Way

You’re also invited back here, to my brand new blog and website this weekend to enjoy more photos of my trips  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and reading your messages/replies – And I can’t forget this – Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!