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        Please feel free to explore all the pages on my web site, as I share my imagination of  magick and fantasy, mixed with  a “wee bit” of romance.  Where I center my stories in various places located in Scotland’s mystical Isle of Skye, the magical Glens of Antrim, Northern Ireland and the secluded wilderness of Alaska. Where shape shifters, werewolves, fairies, brownies and mythical creatures come to life.

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                  “Romance with a wee bit of magick ”      

My new Highlander Magick Series is available on Amazon!   

    “Mortal Magick” – Book 1

Sea Wolf Magick”  – Book 2



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I’m excited! 

Wee Darby’s been busy lining up very special guests for this year! 

I truly feel blessed by having the opportunity of meeting the talented authors over these past few years, and very thankful for their wonderful support and mentorship! I’m honored and thrilled to have them appear on my blog, and share their fantastic stories with all of you!



Later this Fall ~  

I’m so excited!!!  My dear friend, Maeve Greyson will be appearing to talk about her latest book in her Highlander Series!

Aren’t all these covers breathtaking!!!!


My Seductive Highlander_Greyson (1)



I LOVE HIGHLANDERS – bet you could never guess . . . .


October, 2016  

LaneMcFarlandLane McFarland

Bless her heart, Lane has a special treat for everyone – Wee Darby can hardly wait to see some gorgeous photos from Scotland!  And wait ’til you hear about Lane’s books!!!!  You won’t want to miss this!

Later this year,  2016   

canstockphoto16508852(and don’t forget, we’re planning on another

Halloween Party)

 Stay tuned for more news about another Facebook party as I join three talented authors, (and friends 🙂 Beth Trissel, Lane McFarland and Mairi Norris as we introduce a few of our new releases.


My dear friend and author, Mairi Norris is also on our guest list!!!!


Earlier this year . . . .

May 4th, 2016 

Still time to check out this post with Beth Trissel

I’m honored to host my dear friend and mentor, Beth, as she joins Wee Darby and me for a special post on Herbal Lore mixed with Fairy Magick~


shares the latest updates on her wonderful new young adult series~




May 14th, 2016   canstockphoto35067130

Whoot!!!  Check this out!  Patty’s 1st official book signing! I’m thrilled to be a guest author at . . .

Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival

held in Mt. Airy, Maryland

I hope you can stop by and say hello!  Check out all the wonderful activities!!!!

I can hardly wait!


May 25th ~  

 A wonderful lady and talented author, Vonda Sinclair will be appearing at my blog!

Wee Darby and I can hardly wait!  And check out this gorgeous cover!!!

2nd Unbroken bestseller final 300



My favorite

20150928_100508OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20150930_092905



Captivated by the stunning scenery and mystical countryside of my Mum’s homeland, my heart has always longed to visit these magnificent realms of “magick”.  I’ve been fortunate to visit my family homes in both Northern Ireland and Scotland recently.  I loved strolling through the forested fairy hills in the Glens of Antrim, seeing the renown Giant’s Causeway  where the giant Finn MacCool became a legend, and traveling along one of my favorite scenic routes in Northern Ireland – the grand Torr Head Road.  Not to mention stepping inside the magnificent, fairytale castles, and spotting sheep roaming free along narrow, winding roads.   Please feel free to check out my blog page for a wee bit, where you’ll find more photos taken on my visits, and see why I left a large part of my heart in this mystical realm.

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